Customer Relationship Management Solution:

    This solution can provide you the means to log all information about customer, to define the systematic way for obtaining, maintaining and sharing the customer information and to develop proper method for nurturing the healthy relationship with customer.  For achieving scalable growth, company needs to have proper Customer Relationship Management Solution which can be customized according to future requirements as well.
    We can provide you below mentioned basic features in our CRM solution and ready to provide you customization of these or new features as well:

    # Lead Management
    # Opportunity Management
    # Campaign Creation
    # Account Management
    # Contact Management
    # Document and Record Management
    # Email Management
    # Activity Management
    # Calendar Integration
    # Dashboard Management
    # Cash Inflow and Outflow Management
    # User and Employee Management
    # Training Session Management
    # Printing Facilities

    We are ready to discuss your business requirements and customer management strategy and according to that we will be providing you solution. 


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